Residential Street Resurfacing

Residential Street Resurfacing Projects are planned annually to resurface portions of neighborhood streets. The work typically includes:

  • Minor pavement reconstruction
  • Pavement grinding
  • Placing and compacting an asphalt concrete overlay
  • Adjusting manholes and valve boxes to grade
  • Restoring traffic striping, legends, and marking

Depending on funding, the annual Residential Street Resurfacing projects pave between six and twelve streets. The locations for paving are determined by the condition of the asphalt coupled with input regarding other projects happening in the near future. The city partners with utility companies to coordinate work.

Safety for the general public and the construction crews are of primary concern. Residents are encouraged to observe construction signs and reduced speed limits within construction zones. The construction teams strive to minimize impacts to residents and businesses.

If you have any questions, concerns or need special access accommodation during construction, please contact the General Services Department at (916) 727-4770, or via email at

Current Project

Construction began in Summer 2022. Due to weather conditions, construction has been suspended and will resume in Spring 2023.

The following is a list of streets included in the 2022 resurfacing project:  

  • Auburn Blvd (Storm Drain at Development)
  • Begonia Court (From Shadycrest Way to End)
  • Beta Court (From Summerplace Dr to End)
  • Gobi Court (From Summerplace Dr to End)
  • Ketch Court (From Birchglade to End)
  • Mel Court (From Rinconada Drive to End)
  • Noreen Way (From Grenola Way to Baranga Drive)
  • North Colony Way (Holly Drive to End)
  • Regli Woods Court (From Whyte Ave to End)
  • Ridgeview Court (From Parkview Way to End)
  • Rigging Court (From Birchglade to End)
  • Shady Springs Way (From Sunmist Way to Sunburst Way)
  • Shadycrest Way (From Sandalwood Dr to End)
  • Sloop Court (From Birchglade to End)
  • Whaler Court (From Windjammer Way to End)
  • Verbena Court (From Florabella Ave to End)
  • Wachtel (From Kenneth Drive to Old Auburn)