Old Auburn Rd Complete Streets Plan

The Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan was adopted by the City Council on March 26, 2020. The plan evaluates the current transportation conditions on Old Auburn Road between Auburn Boulevard and Garry Oak Drive and identifies ways to improve safety on the road for people driving, riding bicycles, walking, and taking transit. The City secured SACOG funding for Phase 1A of this project through a CalTrans Sustainable Communities Grant. You can review the plan and the appendices by clicking the links below (note that some of the files sizes are very large and may take several minutes to download).

Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan

Appendix A - Strip Maps

Appendix B - Construction Cost Estimates

Appendix C - Technical Calculations Traffic Ops

Appendix D - Outreach Summary

Appendix E - Demonstration and Near Term Improvements

Appendix F - Hardscape Landscape Treatment Pallets