MMTSP Multi Modal Transportation Safety Program

Project Description:

The General Services Department (GSD) regularly receives requests for new signs, striping, crosswalks, speed humps, traffic calming and traffic enforcement.  The majority of these requests are in response to resident concerns of vehicle speeds and right-of-way violations on residential roadways.The MMTSP will develop guidelines and procedures to initiate and evaluate requests.  In addition, development of the MMTSP includes:

  • Identify collision patterns, trends and “hot spots” 
  • Develop prioritization methodology and tool 
  • Conduct significant community engagement
  • Evaluate and prioritize past resident concerns 
  • Research methods and potential funding  sources for implementation

The final product will be a summary document of the Program, strategies, prioritization methodology, and outline of the process for residents to initiate requests.

Project Status: 

This project has been authorized to proceed by Caltrans and public engagement will commence in Summer 2019.


General Services Department, (916) 727-4770

Page last updated July 1, 2019