The Boulevard Plan

In February 2005, the City Council approved The Boulevard Plan: Reinventing the Auburn Boulevard Corridor. The Boulevard Plan is intended to guide the revitalization and enhancement of Auburn Boulevard between Sylvan Corners and Interstate 80. This 1.75-mile stretch of Auburn Boulevard was once part of historic State Highway 40, which carried traffic between Sacramento and Auburn.

Sylvan Corners: A Success Story

To bring the Boulevard Plan to life, the City began work on the Auburn Boulevard Complete Streets Project (ABCS). In 2005, the City completed Phase I, Segment I of the ABCS project. This success was the 1st of several milestones in the implementation of the Boulevard Plan. This project transformed Sylvan Corners from a low-density commercial area into a vibrant neighborhood shopping center. The intersection that once consisted of auto repair shops and underutilized or vacant lots now enjoys new businesses including a bank, financial advisor offices, Starbucks, Bearpaw Shoes headquarters, and more. As part of the improvements, pylons mark the historic Lincoln Highway, once traveled by gold prospectors traveling from San Francisco to Auburn.

In February 2012, crews dismantled the giant billboard that once stood prominently in front of the Goodwill Industries store on the northeast corner of Sylvan Road and Old Auburn Road - known as Sylvan Corners. The removal of the billboard was a major aesthetic improvement that visually opened up the intersection and truly completed the redevelopment of Sylvan Corners.


View the photo albums below to view the different stages of the Auburn Boulevard Complete Streets Revitalization Project: