How can I get involved in the MMTSP?

There are several ways you can be a part of the program including:

  • Attend the community workshops where we will have information, discussion and opportunities for you to be a part of developing the program
  • Volunteer to be a “Neighborhood Champion” to help organize and lead activities in your community
  • Attend “WALKshops” being organized throughout the city, to go observe conditions and see example improvements in person
  • Raise awareness about traffic safety in your neighborhood

190913-kid2 skatesWant to have a more active role in the Program? Become a Neighborhood Champion!

Neighborhood Champions will play an important role in leading the program by:

  • Communicating program goals and progress to neighbors and soliciting participation in local MMTSP activities
  • Attending training to lead a “WALKshops” with neighbors
  • Assisting the city at community workshops by sharing information about the program and participating in discussions

The expected commitment from Neighborhood Champions includes:

  • Attending a Neighborhood Champion orientation and training meeting 
  • Leading 1-2 WALKshops with a group of residents at pre-selected locations 

If you are interested in becoming a Neighborhood Champion, email 

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