About the Boulevard Plan

Plan Approval

In February 2005, the City Council approved the Boulevard Plan, reinventing the Auburn Boulevard Corridor. The Boulevard Plan is intended to guide the revitalization and enhancement of Auburn Boulevard between Sylvan Corners and Interstate 80. This 1.75 mile stretch of Auburn Boulevard was once part of historic State Highway 40, which carried traffic between Sacramento and Auburn.


Property owners, business owners, community leaders, and residents participated in several workshops and meetings over a 2-year period to help develop and lay the framework for this unique plan. The Boulevard Plan divides the Auburn Boulevard Corridor into 4 districts. Each of these districts has distinctive land uses, design, and circulation roles to play:

  • Gateway District
  • Lincoln 40 District
  • Rusch Park District
  • Sylvan Corners Village Square District

Development Standards

The adopted Boulevard Plan document includes discussions regarding the concepts and goals for the Boulevard Plan area including circulation, community design, and streetscape. The plan area defines development standards including regulating land uses, allowable building heights, parking, signage, and landscaping. For specific questions on the Boulevard Plan, contact the Planning Division.


The city is working to bring the Boulevard Plan to life with the Auburn Boulevard Complete (ABC) Streets Revitalization Project. To find out the latest happenings, visit the ABC website.

Sylvan Corners Sign