Auburn Boulevard Complete Streets Revitalization Project

2021 Auburn Banner

Project Summary:

The Boulevard Plan, adopted in 2005, set the framework for developing the Auburn Boulevard Corridor from Sylvan Corners to the northern City limits.

The Auburn Boulevard Project is one of the City’s largest public works projects. Phase I of the Project accomplished a complete update of the corridor from Sylvan Corners to Rusch Park in 2014. Phase 2 of the Project will extend this vision of a safer, updated roadway with enhanced amenities for all users (pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists) north to Orlando Avenue in Roseville.

The City has contracted with Bennett Engineering Services, Inc. to complete the design of the Phase 2 project. Design will include under-grounding overhead utilities, surface improvements, and a new signalized intersection planned for the area just south of Whyte Avenue. The City will be leading public engagement efforts to seek input on the desired aesthetics of the corridor improvements as the project looks to incorporate a gateway treatment as a "welcome" to Citrus Heights.

Project Status:

Right-of-way negotiations and acquisitions are actively underway and nearing completion.  The City anticipates completing right-of-way acquisitions in Spring 2021, with construction expected to begin in early 2022..  Currently, the City is actively seeking grant funds for the construction phase of the project.  To date, approximately half of the total funds needed for construction have been secured.

Page last updated October 13, 2020.

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