Additional Permits & Applications

The Planning Division also processes other types of applications as listed below. If you have questions on these applications, please contact the Planning Division.


Affordable Housing Incentives

A housing development including 5 or more residential units may propose a density bonus in accordance with City of Citrus Heights Zoning Code Section 106.32.020 (Affordable Housing Incentives) and California Government Code Section 65915 et seq. (“Density Bonus Law”). Projects requesting incentives shall submit information outlined in the Affordable Housing Incentives checklist along with the required development application.

Business Licenses

Most business types require the issuance of a business license. The Planning Division reviews and processes business license applications. Business owners should verify with the Planning Division that their business type is allowed in the location desired prior to signing any lease agreements. 

Letter of Public Convenience

A letter of public convenience provides a process for applicants seeking a license from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) to sell alcoholic beverages at a business located within a census tract designated by ABC to be over-concentrated.

ABC will inform businesses that are applying for liquor licenses whether they are required to obtain a letter of public convenience. Application fees are due at the time the application is submitted. Please refer to the Letter of Public Convenience Checklist (PDF) for more information.

Rezone or General Plan Amendment

A rezone or General Plan amendment may be initiated by a property owner or property owner's agent. It is recommended that prior to the submittal of an application, you discuss your project with Planning staff. Please refer to the Rezone or General Plan Amendment Checklist (PDF) for more information. Application fees are due at the time the application is submitted.

Preliminary Housing Application

California Senate Bill 330 (SB 330), the Housing Crisis Act of 2019 became effective January 1, 2020. The bill declares a statewide housing emergency until January 1, 2025. The Housing Crisis Act allows for an applicant to submit a Preliminary Application for any housing development project, as such term is defined in Government Code Section 65589.5(h)(2). Application fees are due at the time the application is submitted.


A variance is a process that would allow an applicant an exemption from compliance to the zoning code. Variances may only be granted if it can be demonstrated that because of special circumstances present on the on subject property, the application of the code would deprive the property of privileges enjoyed by other properties in the vicinity and under identical zone classifications. These special circumstances include property size, shape, topography, location, or because of landmark trees, natural streams, or floodplains.

It is recommended that prior to the submittal of a variance application you refer to the Variance Application Checklist (PDF) and discuss your project with planning staff. Application fees are due at the time the application is submitted.

Zoning Code Amendment

An application to amend the City's Zoning Code may be initiated by any person but the decision is a legislative action that requires approval by the City Council. A pre-application meeting with staff is encouraged prior to submitting the application. Please refer to the Zoning Code Amendment Checklist (PDF) for more information.