Use Permits

About Use Permits

A Use Permit is a discretionary review permit that may be granted by the appropriate authority for any of the uses or purposes conditionally permitted by the Zoning Code. The Use Permit process is intended to allow property owners the ability to have a wider range of specific land uses available on their property, as long as the landowner or business owner meets certain conditions as determined by the approving authority.

Most Use Permits require a public hearing with the Planning Commission. Processing time for a Use Permit varies, but a typical application may take 16 weeks.



Please refer to the Use Permit Checklist (PDF) for the required materials of a Use Permit application.


Application fees are due at time of application submittal and are not refundable. Zoning code determines the approving authority.

Development Processing Guide

To learn more about the development process, read our Development Processing Guide (PDF).

Condominium Conversion Use Permits

Condominium Conversions require the approval of a Use Permit along with other standards as outlined in the city's Condominium Conversion Ordinance (PDF). Prior to submitting an application for a Condominium Conversion we recommend that prior to submitting an application for a conversion that you meet with staff to discuss the project. Application fees are due at the time the application is submitted.