Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a community blight often associated with criminal activity, and the city responds promptly to ensure that graffiti is removed as quickly as possible to prevent additional vandalism.


Reporting Graffiti

To report graffiti:

  • Please call 916-727-4770 to report graffiti on public property.
  • Graffiti along Interstate 80 should be reported directly to Caltrans at 916-783-7976.
  • To report graffiti on Sacramento Municipal Utility District utility boxes, call SMUD customer service at 888-742-7683.
  • If the graffiti is on private property, the clean-up is the responsibility of the property owner. To report graffiti on private property, call the City's Neighborhood Enhancement Division (Code Enforcement) at 916-725-2845.

Online Reporting

Anyone with knowledge of persons involved in acts of graffiti or any other vandalism should report it to the Citrus Heights Police Department immediately by calling 916-727-5500 or by submitting a Police Citizen-Concern Worksheet. Community awareness is a vital tool in helping to eliminate this type of criminal behavior.

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