Dispatch Sit Along Program


The purpose of the Citizen Sit-Along Program is to provide an opportunity for interested persons to observe dispatch operations and the hard work our dispatchers perform daily. The program is intended to be educational and to provide participants with a better understanding of the responsibilities of our Dispatch Professionals. A dispatcher’s overall communication effectiveness will not be achieved without community involvement and you. 

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Any Citrus Heights resident who is at least 18 years of age may apply for a sit-along. On occasion, we will allow students who are 16-17 years of age, based on an educational requirement through higher learning. Students must outline, in writing, a memorandum stating what educational purpose and/or school requirement is necessary to sit-along. All participants in the program must sign the waiver and release, assuming the risk of injury or danger and waiving any claim against the City of Citrus Heights, the Citrus Heights Police Department, Chief of Police, Dispatchers or Officers. Individuals under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.


To request a sit along with a police dispatcher, applicants must print out and complete the 9-1-1 Dispatch Sit-Along Application and submit the completed application to: 

Citrus Heights Police Department

Attn: Communications Supervisors

6315 Fountain Square Drive

Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Sit alongs will be scheduled by the Communications Supervisor. After your criminal background is complete and application approved, you will be notified by phone of the date and time of your appointment. Please allow up to one month between the date you submit the application and the “date desired” for your sit-along. You may request your two (2) hour sit along for either of our two (2) shifts; day or night.