V.I.P.'s/Interns provides a value-added level of support to state, county, and local law enforcement agencies. While all agencies are designed and staffed to provide appropriate policing and law enforcement services to the community, there is always more to do! Volunteers/Interns allow law enforcement agencies and officers to focus on policing and enforcement by taking on these additional duties, for example:

  • participating in community meetings to learn about citizen concerns;
  • assisting with special events;
  • following up with victims of certain types of crime and provide them with referrals to other agencies;
  • participating in citizen patrol programs;
  • providing an array of clerical, data, and document support to department staff; and
  • supporting the law enforcement agency's use of technology, particularly law enforcement-relevant software applications.

volunteersAs you can see from the above list, officers engaged in responding to community needs (911 calls, citizen complaints) need a great deal of support in many other areas of departmental operations. VIPS volunteers and interns can provide that support and, by doing so, enhance the value and effectiveness of their local law enforcement agency.

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