Being Followed?

Someone’s Following Me! Now What

sideviewmirrorFortunately, we see it a lot more in the movies than in real life, but for some there are times where the movies come to life.  Imagine driving late at night and you see a set of distinctive headlights right behind you.  You feel nervous so you take a right turn, then a left turn and another right.  The same headlights are still behind you; now what?

In many cases, these types of suspicious circumstances turnout to be someone you know, but in rare cases it's not.  Sometimes it's a form of road rage where a driver feels offended because of a driving maneuver that you've made and they feel the way to intimidate you or drive home their point (no pun intended!) is to follow you and make you nervous.

Don't stop!  In the event it is someone you don't know, make sure that you don't stop to talk with them.  Go to the nearest law enforcement station or other emergency services facility (i.e. fire station).  If you are unable to find a public safety facility or you feel the situation is getting very suspicious, call 9-1-1 from your cell phone or better yet; call the local law enforcement agency direct.

Don't go home!  In the event the person following you isn't an acquaintance, don't show them where you live by going home.  If you can't find an emergency services facility and you don't have a cell phone with you, go to the most public place possible (i.e. shopping mall), park your vehicle and go into a business and ask to use their phone.

Do you have their number?  Program into your cellular phone the direct telephone number of the police and sheriff's departments of the cities you frequent.  While 9-1-1 from your cell phone will work in an emergency, it depends on your location what agency will answer the call and they may need to transfer it if they aren't the right agency for your location.  Having the direct emergency number for the cities you travel in will help expedite emergency services!
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