Neighborhood Watch Toolkit

Citrus Heights Neighborhood Watch Toolkit

The Neighborhood Watch Toolkit is now available for easy downloading and printing! The toolkit includes everything you need to know about Neighborhood Watch, how to get started, your first meeting, follow-up and member roles & responsibilities. Also available in the toolkit is the helpful Neighborhood Watch Flyer to distribute among neighbors, a Sample First Meeting Agenda and information on how to get Neighborhood Watch Signs for your neighborhood. Here is an outline of what can be found in the Citrus Heights Neighborhood Watch Toolkit:nwatch



Block Captain Responsibilities

Neighborhood Watch Member Responsibilities

  • Schedule two regular neighborhood get togethers a year.
  • Act as a liaison between homeowners and the Citrus Heights Police Department.
  • Invite a representative from the Police Department to address the group on such topics as personal safety, child safety, and other topics.
  • Encourage "Operation Identification".
  • Disseminate information to neighbors about crime patterns in the area. Also, let others know about neighbors who are on vacation or attending a function listed in the newspaper such as a wedding or funeral.
  • Attend your Neighborhood Association's monthly meetings in order to hear CHPD's monthly crime report for your neighborhood area and to link with other concerned and committed neighbors.
  • Be alert to suspicious activity and report it immediately by dialing 9-1-1. Inform the Watch Captain and nearby neighbors of the occurence.
  • Attend neighborhood meetings.
  • Secure your home and personal property.
  • Make your home look occupied.
  • Participate in "Operation Identification".
  • Tell a neighbor and the block coordinator if you plan to be away so that special attention can be given to your home.
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