Bicycle Patrol


The Citrus Heights Police Department Bike Patrol Team includes 9 police officers, a problem oriented policing officer, 4 detectives, and 1 sergeant. Each frequently patrols the city on a bicycle as well as a patrol car.

Increased Accessibility

The team is available to patrol the city's shopping areas, parks, schools, greenbelts, and they also attend special events. The value of a bike patrol team is the increased accessibility to the community. It is a tactically sound method of policing. Uniformed officers on the bike team can virtually approach suspects without being detected. Officers on marked police bicycles can easily access alleyways, sidewalks, parking lots, and wooded areas with dirt trails to increase the safety for all citizens. This innovative type of policing is quiet, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.

Bicycle Safety

As part of the Citrus Heights Police Department's commitment to the safety of children and juveniles riding bicycles, bike patrol officers also promote bicycle safety at special events and at schools.

Getting Closer to the Public

The bike patrol concept of policing allows officers to become closer to the public on patrol by removing the patrol car as a common barrier. The officer has greater access to areas unable to be patrolled by a vehicle, and as a result, the safety and quality of life for the citizens of Citrus Heights is greatly enhanced.