Legislative Advocacy

There are 3 major elements of the city's Legislative Program: funding and assistance, issue advocacy, and education.

Funding & Assistance

During the 1st 6 years of incorporation, the city has maintained successful partnerships with its local federal and state representatives. These partnerships have resulted in obtaining federal and state funding to support important capital projects and programs in the community, and to cut red tape with federal agencies to facilitate economic development. Examples of projects and programs that have received federal and state assistance include:
  • Construction of the city's new Police Service Center
  • Deployment of a special Police Drug Enforcement and Education Unit
  • Federal agency review and approval to support the development of the Stock Ranch property
  • Replacing overhead utility lines with underground lines along Auburn Boulevard
  • Revitalization of the Sayonara Drive neighborhood
  • Revitalization of the Sunrise MarketPlace, an important commercial area in the city
In future years, the city will be tracking statewide bond measures and other funding opportunities to support important projects and programs.

Issue Advocacy

The bulk of legislation impacting the city occurs at the state level. Each year, several important bills on topics such as transportation, land use, employer-related costs and policies, and the state budget's impact on subventions / funding of cities, are tracked. In some cases, the city takes positions on the bills. Most of the issues on which the city takes positions are considered by the City Council's Ad Hoc Legislative Committee, which generally makes recommendations to the full City Council concerning positions to adopt.


The city has many resources to support its Legislative Program. First, the League of California Cities, through its Grassroots Program and local staff, provides valuable information to elected and appointed officials in the city, keeping them abreast of major legislation and issues at the state level. The city also contracts with the Advocacy Group, a Sacramento-based legislative advocacy firm, and Simon and Company, a legislative advocacy firm from Washington, D.C. These contracts help the city to keep up-to-date on relevant activities at the state and federal level and to facilitate the different components of the city's Legislative Program.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or comments about the City's Legislative Program, please contact Katherine Cooley in the City Manager's Office at 916-727-4952 or via email kcooley@citrusheights.net.