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On June 15, 2021, the State of California moved “beyond the blueprint,” lifting COVID-19 restrictions on almost all businesses and ending the color-coded Blueprint for a Safer Economy tier system. However, Sacramento County has passed a Public Health Order mandating that masks shall be worn indoors in public settings, regardless of vaccination status.

As of January 12, 2022, to ensure the continued health and safety of the public, the City Hall lobby has been temporarily closed to the public. Maintaining customer service is our priority. All City services remain available via the City website, email, phone, or by appointment. Staff remain available by phone or email Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call 916-725-2448 or TTY/DD: CA Relay Service 7-1-1. 

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Connecting With Technology

  • Connect with friends and family using Zoom, an increasingly popular video chat and meeting app. Tutorials on joining a Zoom meeting, scheduling a meeting, and more can be found by clicking here. There is also an informative article from AARP on using Zoom, which includes instructions for joining and hosting meetings, muting, chatting, screen sharing and more. Click here to read the AARP article on Zoom.
  • Learn how to connect with others using Skype. This video chat service is easy to use, and you can click here to get started with Skype.
  • If you and your friends or family have an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices, FaceTime is a great application for video chatting. Click here for a FaceTime tutorial.

Avoiding Scams

Email scams and phishing threats have become more frequent, as people look to take advantage of COVID-19. It is important to always use caution when receiving and responding to emails, or searching the web.

We wanted to take a moment to address one scam in particular: Members of City Council or City Hall staff will NEVER email community members asking them to purchase gift cards or provide financial information. If you have any questions regarding an email you have received from an elected official or City staff, please contact (916) 725-2448.

Here are tips to avoid being phished and having personal information stolen:

  • Be extra careful when considering clicking on links in an email, even from a trusted friend or colleague. Email accounts can be compromised or spoofed to look legitimate in order to get you to fall into a scam.
  • Hover over the email link and any links provided in the body of your email and see if it matches what is shown in the email message and also see if the email matches who it came from.  
  • NEVER provide credit card information or make any purchases requested via email.
  • Copy the link into a notepad to inspect it, or manually type the link into your browser.  
  • NEVER EVER click on a link from a financial institution instructing you to “reset an account, as it could be compromised.” All agencies, financial and otherwise, will leave a message on the account home screen if there is a problem with an account when logged in. They will never email client to reset an account.   
  • Send links to a website URL that is not clickable to help protect the recipient.

City staff remain committed to health and safety of our residents! Please use caution when clicking on links in emails, or searching the web.